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Selling the Invisible

The 3 Steps to Transform Your Coaching from Intangible to Irresistible

Wednesday, July 24 at 12 Pacific

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What You'll Discover

  • How to rise above the noise so you capture the attention of your ideal clients (even in the most crowded niche)

  • How to clearly and confidently communicate your unique value, so you can attract and enroll your ideal clients without pushing, convincing or extra marketing

  • How to ensure your marketing does the heavy lifting, so clients are pre-sold and excited to work with youwithout having to be everywhere doing all the things

Wednesday, July 24 at 12 Pacific

Yes, we'll send the recording

Here's What Coaches Shared About this Training....

"There is SO MUCH GOLD IN HERE !!!! I need to listen again and take notes. So good!"

"I have more clarity on next steps than I've had all year! Makes my heart so happy! Thank you!"

"Cindy THANK YOU. This Masterclass is so informative and truly gives guidance on how to make the invisible a tangible!!!"

"Thank you sooooo much! Very genuine and authentic"

"Thanks so much! You really are generous"

"Thank you so much. It was amazing and enlightening."

Hi there. I'm Cindy Schulson

I show coaches how to clarify and communicate their unique value so they can enroll more clients by Marketing with Heart vs. Hype.

It's not just about getting more clients. It's about doing the work you love, with the people you love to work with.

So you can make the difference you're here to make, while being valued for the brilliant work you do.

I've been supporting coaches since 2010, and prior to that worked in Strategic Communications for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa.

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, I'm passionate about creating a paradigm shift in how marketing can be done with integrity and heart.

What My Clients Are Saying

“As an expert in my area, I was too close to things to be able to communicate my message. Cindy helped me create a message that speaks directly to my ideal client. She helped me package my services in a Client Journey, and create simple marketing strategies that resonate with me. As a result, my focus and confidence have increased exponentially. I’m getting speaking engagements and clients, and have even raised my prices. Cindy is an amazingly versatile coach, as well as inspirational cheerleader and accountability partner.” ~ Pauline

“Cindy helped me get crystal clear on where my value was to clients and very astutely showed me why an idea I had wouldn’t reap the results I was hoping for. And with grace and care, she then showed me how to create a Client Journey so I could package and price my services more profitably. As a result, I almost doubled the price of my highest value service and instantly sold a $15K package. It’s been easy to sell more since I can now clearly describe my Client Journey. No more worrying about how to reach my sales goals.” ~ Cindi

Cindy has changed my business in more ways than I can count. I have a clear message and Client Journey that I can now explain to anyone both online and in person. This has brought me more consultations and 9 new clients! She has helped me gain the confidence to build my business and given me a clear step by step plan so that I see where I’m going and how to get there.” ~~ Ariela

Because Cindy is so experienced at what she does and is a great listener, we accomplished more in three months than I imagined possible. I was able to create my Core Message, Giveaway, Client Journey and a lot more. And great news - after we created my Client Journey I sold my first high end package the next week and 2 more the following week! It all felt authentic to me and was accomplished so simply and clearly. Cindy is genuinely passionate about helping her clients. She really models her own core message of Marketing with heart! " ~~ Kris