Clearly Communicate Your Unique Value and Enroll More Aligned Clients

Without pushing, convincing or extra marketing

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Here's What We'll Do Together:

  • We'll explore your unique vision for your business, and create an action plan to make that vision a reality.
  • We'll look at your messaging, offers, and marketing and discover both the gaps (e.g. what's missing or misaligned) and opportunities.
  • If it looks like a good possible fit, I'll share how I can support you with clarifying, messaging, and packaging your unique value so you can attract more clients you love to work with!

As soon as you schedule your call, you'll get a Bonus Quiz to help you pinpoint how you're doing with the biggest roadblocks that slow down most coaches.

We'll review your quiz results together on our call.

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P.S. I've been supporting coaching with their marketing since 2010, and I have 10 years of Strategic Communications Experience before that working with companies like Coca-Cola, Visa and global consulting firms.

My speciality is helping you discover the golden nuggets that let you shine in your own unique way. Then we create messaging, offers and marketing that captivate your ideal clients. All done with integrity and heart!

“Because Cindy is so experienced at what she does and is a great listener, we accomplished more in three months than I imagined possible. I was able to create my Core Message, Giveaway, Client Journey and a lot more. And great news - after we created my Client Journey I sold my first high end package the next week, and 2 more the following week! It all felt authentic to me and was accomplished so simply and clearly. Cindy is genuinely passionate about helping her clients. She really models her own core message of Marketing with heart! " ~~ Kris Haley

“As a busy physician, it was important that I figured out a way to leverage my time to build my coaching business. With Cindy’s support, I refined my niche and message, grew my list and built my online community. Best of all, Cindy helped me launch and fill my first online group coaching program. And I signed up two new ideal clients for a 6-month and 12-month coaching package! I truly value my relationship with Cindy. She is so easy to work with and goes above and beyond for her clients. You can tell she is genuinely invested in helping you succeed! I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to reach new heights in your business.” ~~ Dr. Michelle Bailey

“When I first met Cindy I felt lost on how to move to the next level in my business. On my first call with Cindy it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. Cindy helped me get clear on my ideal client and message. We created landing pages and email sequences. And best of all, we put together my Client Journey so I could sell my services. As a result I was invited to deliver my new program by two clients, and I have a strategy in place for getting more new clients. I love working with her!”~~ Ted Larkins

As an expert in my area, I was too close to things to be able to communicate my message. Cindy helped me create a message that speaks directly to my ideal client. She helped me package my services in a Client Journey, and create simple marketing strategies that resonate with me. As a result, my focus and confidence have increased exponentially. I’m getting speaking engagements and clients, and have even raised my prices. Cindy is an amazingly versatile coach, as well as inspirational cheerleader and accountability partner.” ~ Dr. Pauline Morris

"Cindy has changed my business in more ways than I can count. I have a clear message and Client Journey that I can now explain to anyone both online and in person. This has brought me more consultations and 9 new clients! She has helped me gain the confidence to build my business and given me a clear step by step plan so that I see where I’m going and how to get there.” ~~ Ariela Halevi

"Cindy helped me get crystal clear on where my value was to clients. And with grace and care, she then showed me how to create a Client Journey so I could package and price my services more profitably. As a result, I doubled the price of my highest value service and instantly sold a $15K package. It’s been easy to sell more since I can now clearly describe my Client Journey. No more worrying about how to reach my sales goals.” ~~ Cindi Phallen