Inspiring Coaches to Stand Out Online by Marketing with Heart

Cindy Schulson - Founder of Marketing from Within

There’s so much noise and hype online as things get increasingly competitive for coaches and other experts. Your listeners know that, and they understand how hard it can be to stand out.  

I'm here to inspire your listeners that they can stand out online by marketing with heart vs. hype.  

I show your listeners how to grow a business that honors their value, voice and vision. And create authentic messaging that speaks their truth.

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Meet Cindy

Do your listeners ever feel like the only way to get their message heard online is by shouting? 

Imagine how much more successful they can be when they learn how to captivate their ideal clients with marketing that's true to them.

Hi there. My name is Cindy Schulson and I support coaches who want to stand out and get their message heard — by marketing with heart vs. hype.  

I bring a decade of marketing experience working with such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa, combined with a decade of online marketing to create a paradigm shift in how marketing can be done with integrity and heart. 

"Cindy was one of my favorite guests on my podcast, Biz Success In 15. She is quick to answer questions on the fly, fun to speak to, and very informative. Her message is clear and concise. She is one of the guests I would love to have over and over again" ~~ Cindy Holbrook=a

"We interviewed Cindy for our Path to Profit podcast and were so inspired by her marketing with heart message. Cindy models what it means to show up in your brilliance. She is smart, articulate and heartcentered. A powerful combination that makes her a great guest." ~~ Minette Riordan=a

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If you’d like to speak with me about an interview or speaking opportunity, please fill out the contact form on this page. 

You can also contact me at (619) 318-8688 or email me directly at  

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

Speaking Topics

Here are some speaking topics I can share with your listeners:

  • Marketing with Heart vs. Hype: How to stand out in a noisy, online world with marketing that's true to you.  
  • Your Authentic Brand: The 3 keys to an Authentic Brand that captivates your dream clients.  
  • Your Magnetic Message: How to create a message that connects with the hearts of minds of your ideal clients and speaks your truth.



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